Discounted compostable liners that make it easier to recycle your food waste.
Guaranteed to fit your caddy.

40cm wide x 47cm long

Suitable for all food recycling caddies.
Excellent in vented caddies.

Most households use 6 rolls (150 bags) in a year.
Store for up to 12 months in a cool dry place.
Price includes delivery (max 10 days).


NEW and exclusive!  – Ventimax®

an attractive high performance vented caddy, for the next generation of recyclers.

Not just better looking: the Ventimax® takes advantage of micro-porosity in compostable Biobags. Unlike a solid caddy your food scraps quickly go dry and odourless. You’ll use fewer bags, reduce smells and reduce mess. Better for composting too.

Includes 100 bags (an average 12 months supply).


Price includes 2nd Class post