Helping Industry & The Environment

The Hotel Retail and Commercial (HORECA) sector also gain significant carbon reductions by diverting food from landfill – important to many corporations and government establishments.

Biobag have been helping in a number of ways. We supply a range of compostable liners and can also provide useful container options.

In university halls of residence, office kitchenettes and other worktop areas small 5 to 10 litre caddy liners and caddies are common. Biobag hold a wide range of mid-sized liners and sacks in stock, suitable for the waste containers many establishments are already using. In food preparation or catering waste reception areas it can be very straightforward to swap a black bin liner for a suitable Biobag to carry food out to a dedicated outdoor bin. We often provide large liners to keep the outdoor bins cleaner.

Enquire About Biobags

If you would like to discuss container options, or if you would like to obtain your compostable liners direct from the manufacturers to save costs, please contact us