Why Biobag for Food Waste?

Key Factors for Success

  • High capture and diversion from landfill
  • Increases acceptance and environmental understanding
  • Increases social value of source separation of organic waste
  • Improves correct source separation leading to low contamination of feedstock. Contamination rate 1 – 2,5 % (especially when bags are distributed by local authorities)
  • Contributes to maximize utilization of food waste as an important resource and help combat the problem of sending organics to landfillsCompostable Biobags are a key component and is a natural part of the organic waste
  • Using Biobags and sacks to collect and treat organic waste, helps complete the natural cycle by returning much needed nutrients back to the environment
  • Flexibility
    – Raw material; MaterBi¨ – family of different grades ‘fit for purpose’
    – Excellent compostability both in industrial and home composting
    – Several production facilities with new and high tech production equipment
    – High reliability on supplies of raw materials
  • Continuous R&D to improve quality
    – Innovative player with access to the best technologies
  • For over 20 years, Biobag has been the expert and prominent supplier to the waste management industry
  • Biobag’s products cover a variety of different uses for waste management initiatives

Biobags for Food Waste - Private & Commercial