Ventilated Caddies and Highly Breathable Bags

13 % weight reduction after 3 days through ventilated caddies and highly breathable bags
– Water evaporation leads to weight and volume reduction – Reduce bad smells/odours and fermentation
– Weight reduction leads to cost savings for local authorities on gate fee
– Volume reduction leads to transportation cost savings

Composting process
– Composters want to reduce processing time
– The composting process goes faster with dryer feedstock and requires less structure material
– A faster composting process increase capacity

Working environment
– Through moisture reduction in the food waste the amount of spores and fungus is reduced, this improves the working environment for those exposed to the waste
– High penetration barrier against spores and bacteria
– Less moisture leads to less water leakage from collection vehicles

Weight Reduction / Cost Savings

Average values for weight losses (%)

System 3rd Day 4th Day 7th Day
Solid caddy with Biobag 0,82 1,15 1,89
Ventilated caddy with Biobag 13,15 17,38 27,99

This example is based on 75000 households (hh) x 100 kg food waste per year and Euro 60 per ton in gate fee: * 75000 hh x 100 kg per year x 13,15% weight reduction = kg 986.000 = 986 tons * 986 tons x Euro 60 per ton gate fee = Euro 59.160 in cost savings on gate fee

Cost savings on transportation is not included